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Why? Or Why Not?

Anyone who knows me, will say I like a challenge. Indeed I do, but I usually start out with some sense that I can do it.  Recently I have purposefully, inspired by friends, been...


Reflections on March

In March I had a great variety of fantastic opportunities and experiences. I met sixth formers, entrepreneurs and a Dame.


14 years ago, last Wednesday, my maternal grandmother died, Hilda Winifred Stevens (nee Gibbs).  She was and still is, the person who has the most influence in my life.  I am always rather surprised by...

Giving Something Back

I hate school reunions.  That is clearly why I am organising one. I hate it when you take those final two steps into the room full of old girls (in my case) and in...

Send A Cow

In February I became a trustee of Send A Cow.  In 2002 I was working for Children’s Hospice South West and met Christa Friend, a very gifted graphic designer, counsellor, mother, wife and now...

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