Media Training

At PPC we understand the need to be prepared for the media. Our team draws on decades of experience in print and broadcast media, coupled with senior-level corporate communications and training experience.

Our media training courses give people the experience of facing live and pre-recorded TV and radio interviews, as well as giving an interview for print. We can also provide down-the-line training, in studio and on location and press conferences.

We ensure you can engage and effectively communicate your messages with your audience and improve your overall confidence and communication skills. The courses also provide valuable team building time.

We also offer training to help you prepare for presentations, public meetings, inquests and inquiries.

“Pinch Point Communications is a trusted media training partner for Avon Fire & Rescue Service. We value their expertise and insights into how the media works, and how we can ensure the Service engages meaningfully with the media.

“They have trained many of our area and station managers; as well as providing strategic counsel and honest challenge to myself and my senior leadership team. I would recommend them to any like-minded organisations.”

Simon Shilton, Chief Fire Officer of Avon Fire & Rescue Service