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IWD 2018

Tomorrow the news will be full of the importance of the day that is International Women’s Day.

My message is clear and simple.

I will not rest until every woman feels enabled and empowered to make the decisions that are right for them.

Next week, I will be launching our inaugural Spring Forward Conference.  Aimed at women who want to run the show.  Save the date 24th May, Watershed, Bristol.

We’ve a fantastic collection of confirmed speakers, from the world of engineering, motorsport, media and education.

But for tomorrow – remember those women who have made a difference to your life, of course; but also think of those lives you can impact, empower and change.

I am:

  • being interviewed for the Suzy Spirit Award.  The nomination itself recognises what I’ve been passionate about for so long.
  • attending the inaugural alumni event for the Taylor Bennett Foundation
  • celebrating the launch of the FT HERoes Business list for 2018 – where I hope to feature again.

And going for a run, after two weeks of not being able, because I have been so very poorly.  Count  Your  Blessings.

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