Talking Point

Wonder Woman

Rachel Miller sent me this in the post yesterday.  It arrived at a particularly pertinent moment.


Yesterday morning had been dominated by a baby with an exceptional sneezing ability;  the breaking of my front door key in the lock;  a rather splendid but fraught visit to Waterbabies and the realisation (thank you Mr Locksmith) once I was in the house that I have 60 minutes before I had to leave to get to London.

I was not feeling like Wonder Woman.  It’s a frequently used nickname.  And flattering at that.  But I am no different to many people I know, men and women.  Trying as hard as I possibly can to do my very best.  And mainly, I hope, pulling it off.

Nothing would be possible without the support of friends.  Thank you Rachel for the confidence, friendship and support – and the biscuit.  I am now off to chair the first Chartered Institute of Public Relations Council and Board meetings for 2015, channelling my inwardly digested Wonder Woman.

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