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Where are the women?

Spring Forward is in its second year. 16th May at teh Watershed in Bristol.

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A conference aimed at women who want to be in leadership roles, or want some inspiration and information on how to do that – or indeed are in the leadership position and want to be inspired to carry on.

I founded the conference last year, in response to rather running out of patience.

I have the privilege of working with many boards and many senior leaders and I am running out of patience with the lack of women.

There are many women in middle and senior management. But they are not in the boardroom. And they want to be there.

One of our panels this year features women who are, or have been on boards, they will share their real experience of what that feels like: Sally Cordwell Chief Executive of Bristol Old Vic, Heather Cooper Chief People Officer at Hargreaves Lansdown, Jo Davis from Avison Young and Claire Buchanan from Bristol University and a Trustee at St Peter’s Hospice in Bristol.

Last year’s conference was a fantastic success, with 63% of respondents extremely likely to attend Spring Forward 2019 and the remaining 37% very likely; so we are looking forward to a great event.

The publication of the White Paper in February was a huge success, and Rosie’s Rule is gaining momentum and interest from a great variety of organisations and companies.

So do come along, if you came last year, we have a special limited edition discount for you – so please get in touch for that.

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