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Today I Ran

Today, after cooking and eating Christmas lunch.  After drinking a glass of Knightor pink fizz, two glasses of alborino and a rather lovely glass (or two) of red I went for a run.

This may be seen as madness and in many ways it probably was.

BUT here is why I ran.

I ran for my friend Beryl, who died this year and who believed everyone was equal,everyone deserves the same chance -and that god and equality are completely equal.

I ran for my godson, Christopher who turned 21 this week, making me feel properly OLD but he’s an amazingly inspiration to me, in more ways than he will ever know and is our daughter’s godfather

I ran for my friend Annette who first told me about the joys of running over steak in Manchester – and I did not believe her a jot.  I do now.  I thank you

I ran for all those women who work in PR and are paid less than the boys.  We are COMING TO GET YOU.  2017 will be our year,

I ran for the godsisters.  All going through their own issues, but I love them more than I can ever say.

I ran for my mum who has been properly poorly and gave me the best Christmas present ever, by coming to see us

I ran for my dad, who said I was the best daughter because I bought him cider.  FACT  (it was from Sheppy’s and did require a detour to my journey)

I ran for my Uncle Chris, who always believed in me, you ‘andsome  and I miss him so much

I ran for my wonderful inspirational friend Sarah who is my rock, and me hers

I ran for the mad man who asked me to be part of his life and promised me the world.  My wonderful, inspirational husband.

I ran for my daughter,  because I want to play netball with you darling, or run, or go skiing…anytime

BUT I mainly ran for me.  Because I can.  Because it’s brilliant.  Because it is time for me and I find it completely inspiring.  DON’T STOP ME NOW


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