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Investing in yourself, others and the future. Part three

Investing in the future

I am so passionate about diversity and equality, I spend a lot of my tie volunteering my time to support individuals and organisations who are also working in this space.  In fact, yesterday and Tuesday I delivered two lectures to more than 35 young graduates, from BAME communities who are taking part in the Taylor Bennett Foundation’s summer stars programme.  I’m proud to be chair of the foundation, and it was amazing to hear from those young people, they inspired me.

On 24th May 2018, at the Watershed in Bristol I presented the inaugural Spring Forward Conference, something I had talked about for more than three years and I really needed to get on and put my money – and my faith – where my mouth was.

The conference was aimed at women, with men warmly welcomed, who want to take the next step in their careers.  We were joined on the day by about 40 women and three men from all walks of life; veterinary science, PR and comms NHS management, Finance Directors, engineers, solicitors and lawyers, it was a real mix of backgrounds and experience.

I knew that there was an issue for women in my profession, PR and communications, from years of working in the industry and four years on the national Chartered Institute of Public Relations, one of those as President; the conference was there to encourage women, create a situation where women could talk openly and freely about the challenges and hear from some extraordinary speakers.

There were also two focus groups and they explored the key themes of culture, choice and confidence in more detail and in the autumn, we will be publishing our white paper and holding two events, one in London and one in Bristol to talk about eh findings and what we are doing, and what we can all do, about them.  Dates will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

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