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Top Tips for Trustees

I was delighted to be involved in the Trustee Exchange conference last week, talking to trustees from a variety of charities about the importance of valuing and protecting their reputation.  If you want to know how we can help you, drop us a line:

You can see my presentation here

My key point was the vital importance of all boards (the audience was drawn from a great variety of charities and not for profit organisations in the UK, but the lessons apply to all organisations, to have a named person from the executive and a named person from the board who is responsible for reputation management.

If you leave it to everyone, the danger is no one will take the lead.  Put reputation on your agenda, for every board meeting, and discuss those issues that are of concern and make a plan.  Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  Always have plans that are up to date and can be put into action immediately.

And please, saying sorry is not the same as admitting liability.

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My top ten tips were:

1.Find out what people really think of you

2.Take professional advice when you need it

3.Recruit a trustee who understands the value of 28%

4.Get your own house in order

5.Values and behaviours = foundations

6.The power of third party endorsement

7.Have a plan, update, review, change.

8.Leadership v management

9.The devil can be in the detail

10.Roses need careful attention (get in touch for more information)



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