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Investing in yourself, others and the future. Part two

Investing in others

I have written often about the amazing inspiration that came from my maternal grandmother.  She was a feminist, a campaigner, the owner of hats, gloves, handbags and shoes in every hue and style – a woman who introduced me to many important things in life: how to debate; how local politics impacts on our day to day lives; how to cook; to always be kind (and if someone is rude, kill them with kindness); to never let anyone tell you, that you do not belong and how to make a good gin and tonic and why Elnett hairspray is the best.

She also introduced me to feminism, quietly and gently when I was young and then more overtly as I became a teenager.

Today I will walk into Westminster Abbey with my wingman, Kerri Jones, to celebrate the editorial partnership Pinch Point Communications was invited to be part of with St James’ House.  It has been an investment for us, of time, money, energy and emotion.  It is dedicated to two people, Hilda Winifred Stevens my grandma and our very own #minteampg.

I must believe that by the time my daughter is mixing her first gin and tonic, that any stories her Auntie Kerri and I tell her about the ongoing battles women have with equal pay, equal power and board room presence, will be so alien and so unbelievable, we will have to pull out the book to show her how far we have come.

Sometimes saying yes, is for other’s benefit – and that is the sole reason we said yes to this book, to help anyone out there, who thinks they cannot do it – to realise they can.  Let me know if I can help.

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