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Turning 50 and saying Thank You

As I think about turning 50 next month, I have taken the opportunity to reflect on where I am in my career and my life and I’ve taken some time to think about those people who have supported and encouraged me along the way.

Over the coming weeks I am going to take time to say “Thank You”, to those people who have generously helped me. I am going to do this through a series of short videos which will be posted on this website and on our social media channels.

I know it takes personal strength, determination and energy to build a successful career, but it also takes support, guidance and encouragement from others.  I am tremendously grateful to all those people, from the classroom to the boardroom who have helpedme.  I am also grateful to those who said I would never make it, because I have sometimes drawn on the naysayers to give me strength and keep me going – but I won’t be mentioning their names.

I am very passionate about giving back, taking time to invest in the future of young people through my work with the Taylor Bennett Foundation and volunteering my time to support future female leaders. This is part of repaying the tremendous support that I received and wanting to give some of that back and encourage others to do the same.  I firmly believe that we do indeed reap what we sow.

Turning 50 is also an important time to look to the future and to think about what is to come, and I will share some of that thinking too in the coming weeks.

And how will I mark the actual occasion? Well after weeks of procrastination I settled on the right answer for myself and my family – Cornwall.  Back to the land of my ancestors to eat lobster and drink champagne; but first the opportunity to say “Thank You”.​

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