Talking Point

Too good to turn down…

By Rob Stokes

Sometimes an offer comes along which is too good to turn down.

That’s what happened when Sarah approached me to work for her at Pinch Point Communications.

After 35 years in journalism most recently as editor of the Western Daily Press and deputy editor of the Bristol Post followed by five years in the press office at Bristol Zoo this is a fresh challenge.

With Pinch Point Communications I have the chance to use all my experience and work with people who I respect and admire. So, I am doing something paralleled but different, a role where my thoughts and contributions are valued.

It can be media training, advising organisations on strategy during difficult times or making videos to support important campaigns. It’s an incredibly varied job providing an opportunity to tackle a range of issues and meet a wide variety of people in different parts of the country.

Joining Pinch Point Communications has been a great move.

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