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Here at PPC we are committed to making changes that promote diversity and inclusion. In the spring of 2021, we applied to have an intern through the Taylor Bennett Foundation of which our MD Sarah is Chair.

Sarah’s commitment to diversity and inclusion goes back years, and she has embedded that within the agency.

We support the Taylor Bennett Foundation through her time, and also by hosting masterclasses, attending events – and giving away a ticket to anything we are invited to (remember those days) to include a member of the Foundation’s alumni. However, as a virtual agency (we have never had an office in the eight years of our existence) we’ve never felt able to host an intern. Until now.

COVID-19 has been awful for many people and that includes us, we have lost loved ones and seen friends, colleagues and clients put under extreme pressure including many working at the frontline of our emergency services.  Plus, we have all felt a greater sense of isolation than ever before.  The pandemic though, has brought a new found way of working across boundaries, and so with our team based in Bristol, Cardiff, the Cotswolds, Oxford, Suffolk and Portishead, taking on an intern in Essex felt like an absolute possibility, at last.

Naya Bart-Williams joined us this month for a four-week stint.  The week beforehand, she attended a virtual bootcamp, organised by the Taylor Bennett Foundation and supported by many agencies and in-house teams, covering a multitute of topics from an introduction to charity PR to digital communications; public affairs and strategy development.  We are delighted she is part of the team and we have spent some face-to-face time getting to know one another.

Having an intern takes planning, preparation and thought; and we are already feeling the benefits.  Naya has brought a different, younger perspective to our work and to our clients and she is already making contributions that are exceptionally meaningful.

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