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In her own words: Naya, PPC’s intern

“To be honest I didn’t know what to expect going in as an intern at Pinch Point Communications (PPC).

Applying for any internship is hard, you want to get as much out of it as possible, but you also want to feel like you truly contributed and weren’t just a burden on the company.

My initial interview really gave me good idea of what to expect with the people I would work with. They were kind and fun to talk to but that was just the interview.

Would the work environment be any different?

One of the main reasons I chose PPC over another company is down to something my mother and aunty told me, They said: ‘no matter what job you do, if the people you work with aren’t good and kind people, even if it is your dream job, it would simply not be worth it’. I took that to heart and decided that the people at PPC would make the entire experience worth it –  even if at the end I decided it wasn’t for me (spoiler alert I didn’t).

Our initial face to face meeting was such a great opportunity  to truly see whether I made the right decision, and I asked myself one question: ‘If I got stuck and lost and needed help, could I really ask for help without feeling like a burden?’ (spoiler alert again, I could). During this meeting we talked, got to know each other, and outlined the work I would do over the coming weeks.

The last month has truly flown by, I had amazing opportunities to sit in client meetings, where my opinion was genuinely asked for, I learned how to write briefs, summaries and even carried out my own little project: creating a content calendar and conducting research on charities that Pinch Point could support and partner with.

What have I learnt?

Over the past month I have learnt more than I honestly thought I would. As someone who is quiet, I am always scared of being forgotten and a burden. I was never made to feel like that. In fact I developed so much confidence by conversing with people face to face and via email. The difference has been notable = the people you work with truly matter.

The morning meetings with Bryony were something I didn’t even realise I would miss until I didn’t have them during the last week. Everyday she would set up a meeting to check in with me, make sure I’m ok and I know what to do for the rest of the day. This made me feel so supported because it also gave me the opportunity to ask questions, whilst also giving some human contact as everything was done remotely. The team at PPC is supportive of my future, they have introduced me to people who I can contact to learn more from now and in the future.

For someone as quiet as me, the people you work with and for truly matter, being able to be in an environment where you are supported and valued, even as an intern, can make all the difference, and it will only serve you in the future. These are the people that won’t shame you for asking ‘stupid’ questions – these are the people that will teach you things you didn’t know you needed to learn.

My tips for anyone looking for an internship are:

  • firstly, do you research on the company/organisation and make sure your interests align – that way you will get something out of it,
  • secondly, make yourself known, ask if there is anything you can help with, even if you are shy and unsure – internships are only meant to last so long, so make sure you get something out of it,
  • thirdly, remember that an interview goes both ways, just like how they are trying to see if you fit in the company, you should be interviewing them to see whether you should truly work for them.

I’ve had such an amazing time working for PPC. I have honestly learned so much and have had so much fun working, which it technically an oxymoron. I will miss those morning meetings, those face-to-face lunches and the opportunity to learn. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I can definitely say my expectation and reality were very similar, I feel so incredibly prepared for a future in public relations.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Sarah, Bryony, Kerri, Janice and Nicola who made me feel like such a part of the team and made this month absolutely one for the books. And to the Taylor Bennett Foundation for giving me the chance to get my feet wet in the PR  industry.”

Naya Bart-Williams was part of the Taylor Bennett Foundation’s Summer Stars Programme. Sarah Pinch MD of PPC is the Foundation’s chair. Naya had a paid five week internship with Pinch Point Communications, for her first week she attended the Summer Stars Bootcamp. We are already signed up for next year and would love to talk to anyone who might be interested too.

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