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Announcement Klaxon: Investing in Pinch Point Communications

by Sarah Pinch, Managing Director, Pinch Point Communications

Ten years ago I left my last role in house role, as director of communications in a multi-stakeholder public facing organisation, leaving was a hard decision.

Leaving was so the right choice. Before I had left the building I had three pieces of work, so Pinch Point Communications was born.

Originally based on a business model of freelancers, I decided pre-pandemic to change that.  But the pandemic meant that I was focused on just keeping going, home schooling and turning my kitchen into a restaurant, or so it felt.  So the changes have taken a bit longer to make.

I am delighted to announce that I have been able to invest in the Pinch Point Communications team with existing and new staff who share my vision and who want to move from being freelance, to employment at PPC.

Bryony Eaves has worked with PPC for more than four years, and is an excellent office manager; so good in fact that we have taken on an administrator, Ali Hardiman to support her, so Bryony can do more client facing work.

Nicola Jenkins continues to be such a valuable member of the team, and we are working on some really fascinating projects together at PPC.

And then Cheryl Campsie and Rob Stokes have joined and strengthen the team, taking us to another level by bringing a breadth of skills and experience and I know our clients are already benefitting from their input and knowledge.

In the coming weeks we will be announcing a Strategic Advisory Group, which will be chaired by our Non-Executive Director, Lesley Sargeant and this is another exciting development.

With a team like this, I feel very confident of PPC’s future and our ability to serve and support our clients. This is an exciting day indeed.

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