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Ahead of IWD 2022

In my 20s, I planned a big party for my 30s in Cornwall.  It was months after my beloved grandmother died and it was a mixed experience. The party was held in what is now Paul Ainsworth at No6 in Padstow. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of getting to know Paul , the wonderful Cornish chef who now runs his michelin starred restaurant in the same building.  I like to remind Paul that my party was before the building was (quite rightly) so famous…

In my 30s, I planned a party for my 40s. Only six months after getting married, we celebrated on the famous (but now name changed) Spyglass, eating amazing fresh seafood and the amazing chef Freddie Bird at the grill, cooking fish and burgers.

I am now 49 and planning my 50th. I am proud of my age, and no more than today, when I have been listed amongst some amazing women. But the reason for the list, is becuase of the acute ageism that is rife in my industry.

Women in Public Relations, published 45 women over 45 to demonstrate you can have a career in PR and be over that age.

I left the BBC in 2000, I had been so economical with my age, because I was promoted fast and became senior quickly, at my leaving do there was a sweepstake about my age, the then head of department Revd Ernie Rae, won.

Now I am nearly 50.  Five months away in fact.  And facts are important, and being true to who we are is important as we look to celebrate International Women’s Day tomorrow.

I am mum to a seven year old.

I own a business.

I employee three people, soon to be four.

I sit on three boards and I chair a renumeration committee.

I run, and post my massive knee op 12 months ago, I am the strongest, physically I’ve ever been.

My industry is female dominated, but its leadership, it is not.

So, as we start this week about International Women’s Day here is my message about #BreakThe Bias.

I will ensure any young woman I mentor, or meet, knows she can. And I will be more atuned to sponsoring women, so we can get more representation at senior leadership levels.

I will ensure every man in a position of power, especially when hiring, understands and calls out any bias.

And with my amazing team at PPC, we will work hard this year for organisations to adopt the ‘Rosie Rule’.  To interview at least one qualified and competent women for every senior role in their organisations.

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