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26.2 dreams

On 13th September I went to my friend Malcolm’s funeral. it was a gloriously sunny day and I should have been going to his wedding. He was just over 50 and died far too young and far too fast from Pancreatic Cancer.

On the morning of his funeral I wrote the application of my life to Pancreatic Cancer for a place in their London Marathon team.

Last night, they rang me. I have a place.

The last time I said OMG so many times was when the pregnancy test was positive.

I need to train for the hardest physical challenge of my life, through the winter.

I am going to do dry January, dry February, dry March, and dry April. That will be tough for me too. I may allow myself an occasional glass of champagne, but it will have to be champagne and it will have to be occasional.

I need to strengthen my core (if I can find it), build resilience in my legs and get used to looooong training runs.

This Mum Runs is my tribe and I cannot write this without a shout out to our amazingly inspirational captain Mel, without whom I would not be a runner. And to Georgina, my original run maker who has such belief in me (even when she is beasting me through interval training).

TMR has my back I know and last night I shared the news with a few of my crew and the offers of support have been fabulous.

As I said to a dear friend last night, 26.2 miles is a big ask, it will be hard.

But to raise a load of cash for the most underfunded and under researched cancer is a walk in the park if it means someone else can go to their friend’s wedding and not their funeral.

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