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The state of my profession

Today the Chartered Institute of Public Relations has published its report, The State of the Profession.

It makes for sobering reading.  I was, if I am honest, at a loss to know what to write in the introduction that would be positive.

I commend it to you.

But, what I am determined to do, is that as president of the CIPR this year, we will sharpen our message about professionalism.

In order to represent our members in the way they deserve, we have to place our industry alongside our legal, HR and financial colleagues in the board room. This means delivering professionals who are not only qualified and skilled to do the job, but also held to account under our Royal Charter and our code of conduct.

So if you are a member you have until 28th February to return your continuous professional development submission and if you need some inspiration, find it here from Stuart Bruce.

If you don’t return your CPD, I would question your commitment to professionalism.

And finally.  The CIPR is redoubling our efforts on working to close the gender pay gap.

I am deeply saddened to see gender as the third bigger influencer of pay. It is unfair, immoral and wrong. We will seek to work with employers and employees to develop the skills, information, support and training they need to be able to report fairer pay.

Fulfilling our own professional ambitions will be no easy task, so we must consider these findings as a call to action.

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