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I write this from sunny Sardinia where I’ve been taking part in so many different sporting activities.  Twelve months ago I was pretty inactive physically. I could barely run for the bus. This week (and it’s only Wednesday) I’ve been running; taking part in the beginners’ sailing course (and practising solo in a little dinghy) and actually feeling like I’m playing tennis, not just surviving the ball and, do you know what? I am loving every moment.

Getting fit in beautiful Sardinia

I’ve recently been listed alongside 49 other women on the FT and HERoes Business List, which celebrates female leaders and those working to support and encourage the female talent pipeline. We are all working incredibly hard to bring increasing diversity to business and it reminds me of the steps I’ve taken to improve my physical fitness.

We all know it’s the right thing to do. Physical fitness improves our mental health and diversity does the same for the success of any business. Being fitter gives us greater stamina and resilience and it helps us to feel more creative, inspired and definitely more energetic. I just want to do different activities and more frequently.

Every business I’ve worked with or for (and there are many) benefit pretty much in exactly the same way as they increase their diversity. Especially if they demonstrate an inbuilt ‘grow your own’ mentality, helping to support those female middle managers within their own organisations to get the top jobs. It builds resilience from within, inspires the next generation and it makes for a more engaged and energetic workforce.

Being named as one of the top female UK business leaders on the FT and HERoes 50 Female Champions of Women in Business List is a wonderful acknowledgement for the work I’ve done and will continue to champion to improve diversity, and it recognises the passion and drive I have. Put simply, I will not stop until the women I meet and mentor are confident, assured, supported, encouraged, resilient and energised to get the top positions they want.  And deserve.

I want to say a huge thanks to all my nominees.  I don’t know who you all are, but if you make yourself known; the drinks are on me and I’ve a favour to ask.  I’m launching a specialised mentoring programme in the New Year, aimed at those women, like us, who want to run the show.

Do join us to make a difference.


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