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12 Diverse Days of Christmas #one

A few years ago, we published a 12 Days of Christmas blog and it was really popular, so this year we are back.

Day one is me, Sarah Pinch, the MD of Pinch Point Communications

I am also NED for the HSE and Filament PR, an Independent Advisor to the National Assembly for Wales Commission and Chair of the Taylor Bennett Foundation.

As a proud citizen of Bristol, I am really pleased that our Mayor, Marvin Rees has talked about the need for us all to stop playing the game of ‘diversity top trumps’ No single characteristic of diversity is more important than another. We, every under represented group, are all in this together.

The case for diversity has been won. It makes businesses more money. It wins more clients. It sells more stuff. It makes you more successful. And yet we do not see diverse organisations. And we most definitely do not see more diverse boards. I for one, am impatient for change.

I have written, spoken, researched and lectured on how we need to support more women into leadership positions. It is vital. The world is full of female senior managers – and woefully lacking in female executives. Get with the programme and make changes in your work place NOW.

On this Christmas Day I want to celebrate all that is brilliant about diversity – be it of thought, gender, race, sexuality, background, experience, age, disability and through the next 11 posts we will hear from some great people talking candidly about their experience of diversity.

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