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Women in Leadership: give your view

23rd July 2020 < Back

In 2018 I launched Spring Forward, and in 2019 we published a white paper in partnership with Janice Guy.

We looked at the issues facing women getting into the boardroom and being able to affect real change.

Now we want to update that research. We want to hear from all women, those who are leaders and sit on the board. Those who want to be. Those who have tried and not succeeded.


This is short, as it is past 9pm and I entered the office at 0830 today, have had c 90 mins out of it in short bursts and tomorrow I am heading to my favourite place in the whole world. North Cornwall.

Please share this survey far and wide, we would like a great mix of professions and experiences.

Diversity is good for business, in every single way. Let’s make this happen

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