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Twelve Days of Christmas

24th December 2017 < Back

So hello from a mild Bristol on Christmas Eve.

I started this Christmas Eve like no other – leading a social run for This Mum Runs,  at the speed of chat, for 11 women around Clifton.  it was fantastic fun.

I do love Christmas, it brings together so many things for me, friendship, family (in small doses!), faith great food and feasting and now this year, we have the utter delight of a small person discovering the joy of Christmas, from the stories and songs to the excitement of unwrapping her book Advent Calendar each morning.

I wanted to find a way of reflecting on the year past and looking to the future, so every day for the next 12, there will be guest post, looking at a key characteristic of the Christmas season, kicking off tomorrow with Annette Spencer writing about Christmas itself.

Enjoy and remember to check on those you know may be alone and always tell those you love, how much.

With every good wish for a very Happy Christmas.

Sarah and all the PPC team.


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