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Stronger Together

5th June 2017 < Back

I spend a lot of time travelling, to London, Manchester, Liverpool, all over the country visiting clients, working with them and fulfilling my Health and Safety Executive role.

Today I need to travel to London for an HSE board meeting, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Excellence Awards and a day with a client in Essex.  I don’t want to go.  I want to collect #miniteampg from nursery, call my husband home from work, close the door and hug them for a very very long time.

But I will go to London.  Because I will not be bullied or intimidated.  I will go and I will be positively defiant.

One really inspiring thing about this week is tomorrow evening’s awards.  I am sitting on a table with two nominees, my lovely friend Rachel Miller up for Independent Practitioner of the year and my inspiring mentee, Anne-Marie Lacey up for Young Communicator.  And in addition, I have the honour of presenting the CIPR’s award for excellence in communications in the public sector.  There cannot be a more important moment than now to recognise the dedication, professionalism and personal resilience of my colleagues working right across the public services and in the public sector in the UK in such challenging and difficult circumstances.  All I need to go is get on the train.

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