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Say yes more often

All through my life I have been inpsired by helping others, mainly through volunteering and sending things in the post. It is in my DNA thanks to my maternal grandparents and my own mum and dad.

It all started arranging the speakers for my youth club, the skills of letter writing, neogiating and saying thank you are ones that have been invaluable in my career.

As a child I had three pen pals. Now in my house, I have a large box with every single letter my grandma ever wrote to me. She died 19 years ago and I have not yet felt able to open the box. Next year I am going to, and collate all the best bits for my daughter, it seems a fitting way to make her 20th anniversary.

Lockdown is hard for me. I hate it. I miss the stimulation of my old life. I am a classic extrovert. Did I say it’s been hard?

Over the last two weeks, it’s been different. I have taken time to concentrate only on those things I can change and I have taken the new office artwork to heart and said ‘yes’ a lot.

Did I send all my team’s kids and a few other much loved children David Olusoga’s new book? YES. Because it’s so importnat.

Did I write a letter to a friend who I miss? YES

Will I speak at a Women in PR Cymru event? YES. You can book here.

Will I speak at the Al-Sahm conference for female leaders in the middle east and North Africa? YES. More info here

Can I run a mile in under 10:30? (this is fast for me, OK) YES I can: 1min 10 seconds.

Would I join the Manx Care board, as a Non Executive, after a really thorough recruitment process: YES!

Will I learn more and be more active in my new role at Bristol Students’ Union? Yes I will.

And can I get out more? YES. I’ve put in some face to face 3D interactions almost every day, with an adult who is not my husband.

So say yes more often. And I must say a huge massive thank you to Emma Freud who did just that for a whole year when she was in NYC – inspirational.

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